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breathe. sleep. smile. live.


Oral Posture is a comprehensive and holistic breathing behavior and orofacial myofunctional therapy practice.

With over 20 years experience, we've been helping patients learn to breathe, sleep, smile and live healthier lives.

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Breathing and Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy.

We focus on restoring the basic functions of life such as breathing, resting, sleeping, chewing, and swallowing. Most people don't think about the way they breathe, rest their mouth, sleep, chew, and swallow, but when these everyday functions are not correctly working a host of problems can occur.

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Correct breathing and muscle function of the head and neck guides the growth and development of the face, upper and lower jaws, and associated airways. This promotes healthy breathing, sleep, and a healthy life.

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Our therapy can be implemented at any stage of life. Our programs vary based on age and symptoms.

• Breathing Behavior Therapy

• Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

• Tongue Tie Therapy

• Biostimulation Laser Therapy

• Right Sleep Therapy

• Habit Elimination

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Sophia Webster

Jenae has completely transformed my life! I had very bad headaches and jaw pain every day. My mouth would feel tired from eating/talking at the end of the day. I went to a different doctor in San Diego to try and correct this and was given a retainer and was told I needed nasal surgery. The retainer worked for a while but my teeth began to flare out, ruining my once straight teeth, and all of my pain and headaches returned. I spent years and SO much money with this other doctor, with no changes to my pain. I really did not want nasal surgery, as I was already skeptical, so I had a consultation with Jenae where she told me I was tongue tied and that she can help me correct this, which may in turn help my pain. I had been to so many doctors/orthodontists/dentists/ TMJ specialists and was never told I was tongue tied. After just a few weeks of working with Jenae on facial exercises, my pain completely went away. I had my frenectomy at the same office, and have noticed amazing changes. I haven't had any pain or headaches related to my jaw since working with Jenae. She is such a nice person and very honest and knowledgeable. I've also noticed amazing changes in my speech, facial structure, and eating/chewing! If you have heard conflicting opinions from doctors, just know I've been in your shoes, and Jenae is the person you should trust!

Tiffany W

The concept of oral posture.... At our first assessment with Jenae, I remember thinking how foreign this notion was to me. And now, one year later, our family has seen the life-changing effects that oral posture has given our son (age 10). He now lives a life free of snoring, sleep apnea, grinding, wheezing, and recurring weekly headaches. Through therapy, Jenae was able to fix sleeping behaviors and symptoms we noticed in our son even as an infant. As he got older, he developed mild allergies and then about a year and a half ago, we noticed he started wheezing after some physical activities (which frightened me as a mother) - at that point, I made an appointment with Jenae. Knowing I had a back-up plan, I called a pediatrician in regards to the wheezing and over the phone he prescribed our son an inhaler and told me to give it to him before ANY physical activity, I was shocked that even without seeing him and getting the full scope of the issue, that an inhaler was being prescribed. The next week we began therapy with Oral Posture - needless to say, our son has never had to use the inhaler nor has he had any wheezing episodes since. Our family is grateful for this experience and for the tools we have been given to help us as we navigate forward (yes, as a family we all have changed our habits). There is nothing more rewarding as a mother than to see our son living and feeling his best - he is now equipped with knowledge and habits that will benefit him greatly in his adult life. When I check in on him at night, he now looks as though he is finally resting, he seems so peaceful. Thank you Oral Posture!

Natalie F

If your little one is a picky eater or has trouble gaining weight you need to see the wonderful specialists at the Oral Posture and address the root cause. My son has been diagnosed with a mild tongue and lip tie since he was a baby, but both dentists told me that the ties were mild and he would most likely "grow out" of them. Fast forward 3 years later I still had a kiddo who was barely trailing at the 10% mark on the growth chart and was a horrible eater and still did not sleep thought the night. Tina is absolutely amazing in working with little kids - she is fun and engaging and made my little one look forward to the visits. After a year and a half of working with Tina I have a completely different kid. He now eats everything on his plate including food that is tough to chew, and I am finally buying him clothes for his age range. He is also a great sleeper and is no longer breathing through his mouth. I am a one happy mama and can't recommend this place enough - definitely follow your gut instinct and consult with these guys because they know what they are doing.

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