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Initial Assessment
We start by providing a one hour initial assessment to review a complete history of symptoms and baseline function. After the assessment appointment, we provide a comprehensive report which lists the assessment findings and recommended therapy as well as the goals that we have developed.

Comprehensive Programs
After the initial assessment we put together a program that is custom fit to meet the specific goals that we have outlined. Programs range in time and cost based on what we are treating. We break our therapy into two phases an intensive phase and a patterning/habituation phase.

During the intensive phase we see patients weekly to every other week to establish static and dynamic function of the muscles of the head and neck in breathing, oral rest posture, chewing and swallowing.

       -Frenums: If frenectomies are required to achieve full function they are done within the intensive phase with pre                and post of therapy to facilitate a functional release.

       -NdYag Biostimulation Laser therapy for pre and post op frenectomy and for patients experiencing muscle                        tension or facial pain is done within the intensive phase.

       -Right Sleep Vitamin D and B12 protocols to optimize sleep cycles is done within the intensive phase.

       -Habit Elimination is done within the intensive phase after nasal breathing and correct oral rest posture is achieved.

During the patterning/habituation phase we start to space the appointments out to every 3-4 weeks over the duration of the program. During this phase we are taking everything that was taught in the intensive phase and working with repetition over time to create new muscle memory/patterns that last.

Single Sessions
There are times in which a program is not required, and goals can be achieved within a few sessions. We offer 30-minute therapy sessions to meet specific goals.

Collaboration with referring doctors
With our patient’s permission, we collaborate with our referring doctors for the best treatment outcomes. We form a relationship with our referring functional dentists, airway specialists, orthodontists, ENTs, pediatricians, and primary care physicians by sending our patient’s full reports and openly communicating as we move through therapy towards our goals.

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