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Crystal G

My 11 year old daughter started myofunctional therapy with Janae on February 2016. We chose to have her start therapy due to mouth breathing, snoring, posture, teeth grinding, and speech issues. While learning more about therapy and all that Janae could help with, we knew we wanted to go for it! Janae has been amazing with our daughter, we’ve notice quite a difference in so many areas such as her speech for one. Here’s a fine example: she can say teacher before it was “cheacher”, snoring has stopped, she can chew her food with her mouth closed!!! No more slapping her food, yay! The posture of her neck and shoulders are improved and continue to improve. We are only half way through and it’s been worth it! Now we are moving across the country and will miss Janae in person but will be able to continue therapy with her because of the amazing technology we have via skype/FaceTime. I would recommend sweet Janae to everyone near and far, little or big! Thank you Janae, you have been a sweet sweet blessing to our family!


Andy M

I just wanted to say that the myofunctional therapy is amazing. I am so grateful for Jenae, the results are noticeable right away. Jenae explains the exercises and makes you feel real comfortable in helping you do them. So blessed for this therapy.


Jessica A

We are seeing Jenae for myofuctional therapy and we also saw her to help our six year old stop sucking his thumb. I was very skeptical that the thumb sucking would stop as quickly as she said it would, but within 30 days, he completely stopped and has had no regression! We are also happy 3 months into our year long myofunctional therapy. I look forward to seeing even more progress over the next months. I would HIGHLY recommend Jenae as she is very professional and knowledgable and does a great job working with kids.

Sandra K

We have two girls, ages 13 and 11 years old, who have been seeing Jenae for their Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy for the past six (6) months and their transformations have astonished us. Both our children had tongue thrust issues that were detrimental to their orthodontics treatment and required immediate correction before they could proceed. Honestly, we were skeptical of the treatment and its effectiveness since we didn’t know much about it. But six months later, we are here to tell you that it is worth the effort and is every bit worth the cost! Jenae is a subject matter expert in Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy. She takes the time to explain every exercise she proscribes and lays out a plan that is both easy to understand and follow, especially for our girls. One of the most comforting aspects of Jenae’s practice is the way in which she connects with the patients and their family; the bottom line is that she treats you like family. She sincerely cares about your progress and will do whatever is necessary to help you succeed. Her goal is not only to correct improper muscle patterns which are causing the problems, to empower her patients to achieve lasting results that will have positive impacts in other areas of their lives. We thought that the therapy was just going to correct their tongue thrusting, but to our pleasant surprise, the therapy not only overcame their tongue thrust issues, their therapy has corrected mouth breathing, snoring, and to some degree has helped our 11 year old with her headaches. We would not have believed it until we’ve actually gone through the process. Our girls have also learned lessons in accountability, follow-through, and planning/organization; skills that we would all agree are vital to raising our children right.

Jenae has not only helped our two girls, but she has also been instrumental in helping our 5 year old boy to quit his thumb sucking! Would we recommend Jenae? ABSOLUTELY! You will not be disappointed with any aspect of her therapy. She is extremely knowledgeable, communicates her objectives and expectations very clearly, and has a tender and caring demeanor that makes the entire therapy a huge success. There is no one else who will take better care of you than Jenae.


Andy M

It’s been a little over 2 months since I started the myofunctional therapy and the results have been amazing. If you think you don’t have the time, you do. The little time it takes to commit is worth changing your life in a way that makes you more aware of yourself. A way that helps you create momentum in all aspects of your life and build confidence so grateful.

Kathy B

At the ripe old age of 61 I decided to do something I’ve always wanted to do…BRACES! I actually opted to go the Invisalign route along with the Propel Accelerated treatment. I have had the liners for six months and could not be happier, my teeth are straight for the first time in my life. In addition to Invisalign I started myofunctional therapy which are exercises used to correct tongue and lip resting postures as well as to develop correct chewing and swallowing patterns. I have never had the ability to rest my tongue on the roof of my mouth or close my lips all the way, under the guidance of Jenae who is so committed and passionate about helping people look and feel the best they can be, I now have proper tongue posture and correct swallowing techniques. I can actually whistle now and can’t stop smiling. Thanks Jenae!!!

Lisa G

Have been seeing Janae for a few months now and have been making good progress. I have been suffering from TMJ for years causing an off balance feeling and pain. After one visit, Janae found that my tongue and lips did not function correctly and had no strength. The placement of my tongue was wrong and I wasnt even swollowing correctly and couldnt pronounce certain words. After a few months my balance is better and making good progress with tongue, mouth, and posture changes.

Carey N

I know Jenae through being a patient of Dr. Kerbs. I went through full ortho (metal brackets and all) years ago, and as part of my treatment he had me do Myofunctional Therapy. This corrected the odd posture of my tongue and greatly advanced my ortho process. Who knew?! When I got into braces, Dr. Kerbs thought I may need oral surgery to fix some issues, but by regularly doing some simple mouth/tongue exercises, the Myofunctional Therapy actually fixed everything on its own. I wish Jenae had been certified to do this therapy back then. She is so compassionate and caring about her patients, I know working directly with her would have made the experience even better!

Carey A.


I cannot recommend myofunctional therapy enough. I had no idea the issues my son was experiencing could be resolved by simply paying attention to how his mouth worked. Like most, I would have said you are just born that way however, that doesn't mean you can't improve upon what the good Lord gave you, and that is exactly what Tina did for my son.  With Tina's help, knowledge, experience, and guidance my son's tonsils size has reduced, his range of motion has improved exponentially, and he no longer breathes through his mouth which has improved his congestion significantly. No more dry mouth and he sleeps soundly. Tina worked with my son for a year, beginning in May 2021.  She is amazing and I highly recommend this therapy.  It may sound too easy to be true but it is.  Working with someone like Tina who is so passionate and knowledgeable made it so easy to fix the day-to-day inconveniences my son was experiencing.  Thank you Tina for treating my son as your own and being so focused on his specific needs.





Patty G.



I have had myofunctional therapy with Tina Mattarollo of Oral Posture for a year now through zoom. I was referred to her by my Vivos dentist to work with her in conjunction with my wearing the Vivos oral appliance, which is expanding my palate to give more room for my tongue and teeth.

In that time Tina has trained me in correcting and strengthening several areas to fix problems I have had most of my life (I'm in my 60's now). These include: where and how to hold my tongue up when at rest (this has relieved my jaw from clenching and stopped my tongue thrusting pushing on my teeth);
how to raise and lower the back of my tongue and to use it to swallow foods and drinks properly instead of using the front of my tongue for that; and general strengthening of my tongue and lips.

I had a frenectomy to release from tongue tie along with exercises Tina gave me to do before and after to ensure success with the procedure to be able to hold my tongue up more freely.

The quality of my sleep is improving, as I am getting more oxygen through my airway with it opening up more. This is through a combination of treatments I am doing simultaneously with the Vivos device, myofunctional therapy, and restoring the spinal curve of my neck with my chiropractor (who referred me to the Vivos dentist, who referred me to Oral Posture. By the way, the dentist told me she only wants to refer her patients to Oral Posture because they get results). It's a multifaceted team approach, each of which are needed to bring healing and proper functioning of my mouth and airways. Thank you Tina for your great work, skill, and knowledge!

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